Hero House Donation Event: Help people with mental illness by donating your old laptop.

DONATE YOUR OLD LAPTOP AND HELP PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS. Hero House and 3R Technology will hold a computer and electronics donation and recycling event to benefit Hero House. Hero House is a nonprofit that provides social services to people with mental illness. 3R will give funds to Hero House for every desktop and laptop collected. This Saturday, September 14 from 10am to 3pm Address is 12838 40th St Pl SE, Bellevue 98006

Event webpage: https://3rtechnology.com/hero-house/

When: September 14, 10am to 3pm

Where: Hero House Clubhouse 12838 40th St Pl SE, Bellevue 98006

What to bring: Used laptops, desktops, monitors, cell phones, printers, and all computer related peripherals.

Are there costs? Nope. All items will be accepted for free and hard drives will be wiped for free.

What happens to my computer? All computer equipment will be refurbished or recycled by 3R Technology, a certified e-waste recycling company. 3R Technology will refurbish and resell some of the computers and donate the proceeds to Hero House.

What about the data on my computer? Hard drives on all computers and devices will get either erased or shredded. Feel free to wipe the data before donating the computer or removing the hard drive.

Questions: Call Charles at 206-413-8071 or email charles@3rtechnology.com

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