Are you just giving away your surplus equipment and material? We purchase IT assets from businesses, large and small, providing competitive return on your IT investment. We can provide return value on servers, network equipment, telecom, laptops, desktops, components, lab and medical equipment, and more...


Data breaches can be devastating to an organization. Does your current process protect you? Be compliant in your industry and have peace of mind. Our mobile shredding service can come to your office, data center, or server room to securely destroy your hard drives and other media – including SSD, flash, magnetic and optical.


Do you know what happens to your e-waste material when you recycle it? Do you receive assurance that is not handled improperly or exported illegally? 3R Technology is an ISO 14001 and R2:2013 certified recycling facility, providing secure logistics and environmentally sound processing for businesses throughout the Pacific NW.


Did you know that 3R Technology offers FREE e-waste recycling collection events for companies and commercial properties throughout the entire Puget Sound region? Your employees can have the convenience of our truck coming to them rather than transporting their e-waste themselves...

makeITcount – Make a Difference in the World

By 3rtechnology | September 27, 2017

The remaining value of your outdated IT equipment can make a tremendous difference, now and for future generations, to preserve the environment, further education, and provide opportunities for under-served communities. Some e-waste recycling organizations pledge to donate a portion of their profit or some of the actual hardware to charitable causes. However, you are rarely…

3R Technology Announces New Product Sourcing Service

By 3rtechnology | May 3, 2017

We’re pleased to announce we’re providing a brand new offering to our suite of services: IT product and parts sourcing. If you’re looking to support or expand existing IT infrastructure, need spare units, or simply want to purchase refurbished equipment rather than new to make space in your IT budget, let us know how we…

Earth Month 2017 Salebration!

By 3rtechnology | April 19, 2017

Earth Day is a great time to promote reuse – the best and highest form of recycling. We’re making it easier to reuse by having our biggest sale of the year at our retail outlet with discounts store-wide! The sale starts Friday, April 21st, and continues through Saturday, April 29th, until we run out of inventory.…


Exceptional customer service and prompt logistics are our trademark. Our pickup service is free for qualifying customers in the King County area...


If you are nonprofit, religious, or educational institution, 3R Technology can provide low cost desktop and laptop technology solutions to fit your budget. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we can provide Citizenship licensing to your organization at minimal cost. More...


After having issues with receiving prompt service from their previous e-waste recycling vendor, one of our newest clients contacted us, and on their first project received a check for almost $500 in return value, when they had never received such compensation in the past. In addition, they were pleased that they now had an inventoried asset list from the pickup, and a third party certificated vendor that guaranteed independent auditing of the data destruction process and downstream disposition of materials.


    review rating 5  I had bought a small stick of RAM to post a computer (Turn on) while waiting for my more serious RAM to arrive in a delated shipping error.Unfortunately the stick of RAM did not help my computer post, due to information differences on many different motherboard websites.The very friendly fella helped us test different sticks of RAM showing that my new computer would post with the correct speed and then on top of that refunded my original purchase.What a great shop!I wiuuw highly recommend shoposho here for your computer needs. They have monitors galore, computers, laptops, other periohals.Looking forward,Troy

    thumb Troy Reppas

    review rating 5  These folks are super helpful - Excellent customer service! Noah was very helpful when I needed to put together a server and configure it to my needs.

    thumb Jason Robba

    review rating 4  Great selection of used products, friendly staff. Prices are a bit high for some items, however sale items are reasonable. Many random cables and adapters can be found in their vast selection of items.

    thumb Bryan Hillerman

    review rating 5  Very friendly/helpful staff. They've got great sales prices and they take care with the equipment. I'll be a returning customer for the forseable future!

    thumb Jackson Byer

    review rating 5  Always friendly and helpful. We've purchased 5 recycled computers, 10 recycled monitors, and 2 recycled laser printers over the course of about two years for an engineering office. None had any issues. Perfect place to buy a great computer inexpensively. Memory upgrades available too. Warranty offered on all items, but never had to use it. PC and Apple products available. They will treat you right. Solid people at 3R...if only there was a software place like 3R!

    thumb Tim Harbert