Whether you're making plans to virtualize, upgrade, downsize, or just need to repurpose technology that is no longer being used, we can help with your IT asset resale needs. Before your investment becomes a liability, we can assist in recovering value from assets and inventory that are no longer required for operations. Equipment lying dormant can strain an organizations's overhead and increase recycling costs.

From enterprise equipment such as managed switches and servers to end-user desktops, laptops and displays, we provide multi-channel resale services that maximize end-of-life return on your IT asset investment. We also resell audiovisual, telecom, lab, medical, and office equipment, components and other unusual items.

The process is simple: We will do all the work necessary to inventory, assess value, warehouse and market the equipment, track the assets, and furnish final sales reporting and disbursement of revenue. Compensation can be structured as a one-time buyout or as an on-going revenue sharing consignment program. With the combination of our comprehensive remarketing and IT experience, and our extensive wholesale, broker, and retail sales channels, we can most effectively recover the maximum value for your IT assets.

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  • Enterprise network equipment - routers, firewalls, managed switches and other appliances
  • Servers - including blades, workstations, Dell, IBM, HP, SuperMicro
  • Storage - SANs, NAS - EMC, NetApp, IBM, HP
  • Telecom - DCO, VOIP, PBX units and handsets
  • Laptops
  • LCD and LED displays
  • Projectors and other AV equipment
  • Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Test equipment
  • Lab & medical equipment
  • Electronic components