8Every April, 3R Technology holds electronics collection and recycling events with businesses to celebrate Earth Month.  This year 3R will donate funds to the nonprofit organization Adopt-A-Stream Foundation for every pound of e-Waste collected.   It’s a free and easy way to recycle surplus electronics and help an organization that works to restore habitat for our threatened Pacific Northwest salmon. For every 100 lbs of ewaste collected 3R will donate $1 to the Adopt a Stream Foundation (AASF).  The AASF was established in 1985 with the mission of “teaching people how to become stewards of their watersheds”. In 2018 they planted 27,000 trees and shrubs and removed small fish migration barrier dams, constructed large log in-stream fish habitats, and restored hundreds of acres of stream side vegetation.

3R makes hosting an event free and easy.  We provide collection bins, staffing, marketing materials and transportation.  Events are usually held for just one day at a campus, commercial building, or hosted area, such as parking lot, of a corporate sponsor.

Every event is:

• Free – no cost to either the company, property management, or to the employees.

• Convenient – employees and tenants don’t have to make a special trip after hours or on a weekend to come to us or find another recycling facility to recycle their electronics.

• Environmentally Conscious – in addition to keeping hazardous electronics out of the landfill, employees or tenants don’t have to burn extra gas to drive these items to us or another recycling facility. They’re already coming to work or their building anyway.

Your employees or tenants can bring in e-waste the day of the event, or for several days before (if you have a location to store the material), and we collect it, haul it away, and recycle it for free. We can park our truck onsite for a specified time period (typically 1-2 hours), and employees or tenants can bring material directly to our truck.

Complete the form below, and we'll schedule a free event with you, or you can email events@3rtechnology.com or call (206) 582-7100 x1.




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Hard Drive and/or Media Shredding can be added as an optional fee services for event participants...

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