Do you have materials that require secure and/or witnessed destruction?

Our 20 HP dual-shaft shredder can make short work of your hard drives, media, flash storage, mobile devices, and proprietary equipment and materials.

From a single hard drives to many tons of return logistics, R&D or product samples, our service can handle it all. There is no additional fee for witnessed destruction, or we can provide photographic or video evidence of our process. This service is ideal for anyone in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government, as well as any operation that manages and stores high-risk data or intellectual property.

  • ✔ NAID AAA Certified – We are a certified NAID AAA vendor, with a secure cage within our facility where our shredding occurs. Continuous video is maintained for 90 days of our shredding environment.
  • ✔ Absolute – Our state-of-the-art shredder can reduce hard drives down to 1" particulate, and solid state devices and other media down to 5/16" of an inch, making data forensics impossible.
  • ✔ Audit Trail – We’ll provide a log of the serial numbers for all the hard drives or devices that we shred for you.
  • ✔ Certification of Recycling – A certificate is provided for the destruction with the total weight of shredded material.
  • ✔ Insured – Upon request, we can provide a Certificate of Insurance to you detailing our aggregate $4 million insurance policy.
  • ✔ Safe – In addition to manufacturer safeguards, we do air monitoring periodically to ensure shredding does not introduce significant particulate into the environment.
hard drive shredder
Our 20 HP Dedicated Hard Drive Shredder - Can Shred Up to 2400 Drives an Hour