We take care of everything.

Contact us via your customer portal, chat, email, or phone, and we'll schedule your project in our ERP, including terms, logistics, and services performed onsite.

Our team arrives promptly, performs any necessary logging and data destruction services while onsite, then packs, labels, and securely transports your IT assets to our facility.

Once we receive your project, we continue to process your equipment into our ERP per your specifications including data destruction and the discovery process, then finalize your project, and assess and direct your return value.

Your real-time access to receiving, inventory audits, and certificates of recycling for all your projects are accessible via your secure portal 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Secure Logistics
Return Value
Absolute Data Destruction
Asset Level Transparency



"I started working with 3R Technology several years ago while working for a different organization and I continue working with them because they are professional, responsive, well-organized, and most importantly, environmentally responsible. " — JULIE S.

"3R has been a perfect match for our company. Every time we request a bin exchange, they always come through with a quick response and a scheduled time for pickup. When pickup day comes, the staff is very friendly and courteous when exchanging the recycling bins. There is very little work on our end and we greatly appreciate working with 3R." — CHASE G.

"We have a long, successful history with 3R Technology.  Our equipment is picked up on time and without any issues.  Their excellent customer service and quick communication is greatly appreciated.  We look forward to working with 3R Technology in the years to come." — LARRY R.

"We have enjoyed working with 3R Technology to keep our landfills void of hazardous waste as well as give back to the community and charities abroad. Our Puget Sound offices rely on 3R Technology to recognize and shred hard drives and other data devices as appropriate as well as refurbish & redeploy thousands of pieces of hardware at an affordable price to the community or charities. What’s not to not to like?!? 3R Technology has cleared 850,000 square feet for us since June 2016; in some cases returning to the same buildings repeatedly to retrieve electronics from us. 3R Technology participates in our RIM, reclamation and data security processes by providing secure collection bins and removing tons of unused or decommissioned equipment and appliances from us, making it much easier for us to manage these programs." — ADRIAN T.