Our Secure e-Waste Collection Bin Service provides an easy to manage, low-cost solution for securely storing your data-containing media and proprietary materials prior to destruction and recycling. Our service eliminates concerns of hard drives, optical or magnetic backup media, prototypes or other sensitive items being stored in a manner that may make them susceptible to unauthorized access or theft.


✔ Easy – Simply call us, email us, or scan the QR code on the bin to schedule a pickup service.

✔ Convenient – Our secure bin can be stored in almost any area, and fits through any standard construction doorway.

✔ Tracked– A Certificate of Recycling & Destruction is provided for each pickup with the total weight of material collected.

✔ Certified– We are an R2:2013 and IS0 14001 certified recycler, providing you 3rd party assurance that our e-waste recycling process is conducted in the safest, most ethical, and ecologically sound manner.

✔ Secure – Solid steel construction throughout. Lock is recessed to prevent tampering. Only authorized staff may have key access. We can shred most hard drives and media onsite right where the secure e-waste collection bin is located. All we require for operating our mobile shredder is a standard 11 V 20-amp dedicated circuit. Witnessed or secure shredding at our facility is also offered, as well as secure destruction of proprietary materials.

✔ Low Cost – Our custom, secure bin is available for a low monthly fee, plus the cost of destroying or shredding your sensitive materials.

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Secure Locking Bin Service - This collection bin is perfect for items and material that need additional security such as mobile devices, hard drives, media, and other items for destruction.


  • Hard Drives – from Desktops, Laptops, Servers, and other storage
  • Media – Optical and Magnetic, such as backup tapes
  • Proprietary Components
  • OEM IT Assets that cannot be resold, i.e specially licensed or part of a trade-inprogram
  • Manufacturing Designs and Prototypes
  • Returned or Defective Equipment
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