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R2 Certification

Your Post-Pandemic ITAD Primer

  Ideal reset for pre-pandemic wastefulness | Business IT donations triple investments | Use the right ITAD partner for better results   You’ve spent the last 30 months figuring out how to live through lockdowns, trying not to forget your mask, and scrutinizing which background is best for your virtual meetings. If ever there was…

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This Next Pandemic is Already Here

  Overconsumption is a plague | e-Waste destroys life | Reuse and Certified Recycling are critical solutions   This has got to stop. That thing you just bought, what are your plans for it once you’re done with it? It’s this single question (that most of us never ask) that is a key to our…

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NAID Approves 3R Technology

On March 13, 2017, 3R Technology was approved as an active NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) Member in good standing. We are proud to support NAID’s efforts to promote the secure destruction of sensitive information by outsourcing to a qualified service provider. We are currently in the process of applying for NAID AAA Certification, a…

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FREE Earthmonth e-Waste Recycling Collection Events

April is Earth Month, and it’s an important reminder to focus on ways we can help protect our planet. Promoting responsible, certified e-waste recycling is our way of making sure that discarded electronic devices do not negatively impact the environment. Did you know that 3R Technology offers FREE e-waste recycling collection events for companies and…

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